How to use Other People Time(OPT) and make Money

How to use Other People Time(OPT) and make Money

Written on 11/19/2018
Reagan Goh

The Power of Leveraging is the power to understand how you can get more things done by doing less through leveraging other people's talent and time.

Imagine being able to start a Logo Design Company without a Single Designer, without any design background and make hundreds and hundreds of dollars in each sale.

Just like Uber without owning a car or Airbnb without owning a single property.

All you had to do is coordinate the conversation and take resposnsiblities on delivering to your client.

It's that simple...

Think about it, if you did have the skill (just saying), how long would it take for you to create a particular piece of artwork?

An hour? Half a Day? 

But with USD$5, it could save you hours of your time, it is almost a no-brainer to engage their service to make hundreds of dollars right? 





Let me introduce Fiverr, a Platform to list your services or engage others,  to do a certain task on your behalf from USD$5. 

Find a Client -> YOU -> Go to Fiverr and Engage their service -> Deliver to Client (Kaching!)

But selling is not my cup my tea, is there else I can do to make money? 

Yes! You can be a services provider to offer someone else looking for your services.

This is the perfect platform to built your credentials if you plan on building your own agency in the future with the following benefits:

  • No cost
  • Free Hot Traffic from a busy marketplace
  • The fastest and Easiest way to make the first sale compared to any other business models
  • The easiest way to earn Passive income
  • Leverage on your talent/skill. There 119 kinds of services listed on the site
  • It is Fun. Sell what you like.
  • No longer working hours. Do at your own time. Do when you are free. Pause when you are busy.
  • No employees to manage. No boss to answer to.

However, these are the top few questions I get:

  1. But how do I find clients to purchase from me?

  2. Why would they want to purchase from me then from Fiverr?

  3. How can I trust the seller
  4. What if the seller is not up to the standard.


So if you like to learn more about The Power of Leveraging, we are launching our 15 min crash course on the introduction and how you can get started.