Welcome to Digital Growth Academy

Welcome to Digital Growth Academy

Written on 07/01/2019
Reagan Goh

Welcome to Digital Growth Academy!

My name is Reagan Goh, Founder of Digital Growth Academy and aims to help students, millennials, aspiring entrepreneurs and even entrepreneurs who want to start a new venture and take that business into another tier. 

Starting my Entreprenurship since 2012,  attaining serveral recongisition including Singapore IT Youth Award for inspiring and impacting over 700 entrepreneurs in the IT sector and being recongised as Singapore Youngest Mobile App Trainer by the Singapore Books of Record at age 15, the 3 biggest challenges for me to start my own venture was the

Experience - to start a business 

Time - to manage the business

Resource - the capital to run a business

However, throughout my hustle, I have come up with a checklist template, which will allow anyone to start a business without this 3 biggest challenge that were with me during my collegue years.

Fill up your email below and you will received the link to download the checklist blueprint on what are the creteria of your business that you might have overlook. As a bonus, we will be throwing in a series of training videos catered to guiding you thorught the template and I hope to develop your business one step faster than your peers.