Dropshiping within 6 minutes

Dropshipping Tutorial within 6 minutes - Shopify Edition

Have you ever wondered how some experts made a living out of e-commerce by selling products? 

In plain sight, you might be thinking:

I would just purchase products and sell them for a profit. 

But did you know, that actually increases the risk significant with high investment with little or no return? Why? 

What if you couldn't sell the products away? 

What if the product when out of trend or season and when the next cycles come around, its over!

So how do they really do it?

Well introducing, Dropshipping!

Watch our video to watch from your to-be experience.

We want to pay you if you attend our class. Scroll below for more information.

So what do you need to get started? 

  • Access to the Internet
  • Computer/Desktop

Things to prepare beforehand: 

You would need to register an account by clicking on the link strictly from this website(so we can assist you in future.)

  1. Shopify Account 
  2. Oberlo Account 
  3. Aliexpress Account
  4. Facebook Account


As shared in the video, we would be sharing an amazing beginner to the intermediate course on the step by step guide on how to get started including topics like: 

  • How to Setup the Accounts 
  • How to Find the Products 
  • How to Import Products 

Learn Basic Digital Marketing Skills which consist: 

  • How to find customers online
  • How to create an advertisement on Facebook
  • How to Create a Brand from Scratch
  • How to run your business 24/7/365


What is unique about our programs is we pay you instead, for attending our class. With the skill set taught in our class, we want to you invite your friends to join you in this learning process.

We are going to give 50% discount to your friend who joins by clicking here.

Now, what if you have friends who aren't that close or you believe might benefit from this course? 

We want to give you an opportunity to join our referral program where you would be awarded 50% per successful referral here.


Take a full 72 hours to go through our Dropshipping Program. Go through the worksheets and practical tutorials offered. 

Now we understand with any investment, we usually get asked, what is our ROI for learning?

Well despite the fact the units calculations are different, we want to commit to one of the best learning experience by answering your dying questions. However, if you feel this program failed to live up to our expectation, we would appreciate your writing to us how we could improve better and offer you a refund within 72 hours since purchase.