We pay you to create a Mobile App

Create a Mobile App with Ease

How it began...

I first launch my mobile app - hammy hamster using AppMaker, as a one-stop platform to find medical aids tips and instructions for hamster lovers and it was featured on the local newspaper. 

It gathers so much love from the community that little did I know back then when I was 12,  it was the foundation of my business, teaching how to build a mobile app without a Single Line of Code.

So over the years since 2012,  DGA (previously branded as AppElit) have been coaching Mobile Apps towards B2B customer. But recently, we had reconsider to open this class to the public becuause we have found a solution to lower the cost of training development to almost a point where we pay you instead for doing so.

What is the Cost Apps Creation Tools: 

Mobile Apps Developments have not been cheap, since 2012 when I first started(however a fun fact, it has gotten cheaper.)

Cost is high due to development, hosting and even design. However, with the revolution of software as a service business model, it has disrupted the price to remain competitive and has lowered the entry level for most consumers to enjoy the benefits and features of software around the world.

For example, Adobe Photoshop CS6 was previously retailed for thousands of dollars, not forgetting there was a Series of Software like Illustrator and Lightroom to work with. But with the recent change over the years, Creative Cloud was born and you can get the basic of Adobe Software starting from $9.99USD/Month. It's Amazing how SaaS Model has changed and how everyone can actually get things done with Software.  

What is the Platform we will be using? 

As "The Best All Rounder" quoted from AppToolTester and rated 4.5 out of 5 Stars with a Detailed Review, you guess it, GoodBarber(If you haven't figured it out, our website is built with Goodbarber too.)

How is it possible to get paid to build my application? Is there any catch?

Well, there isn't.  Let me explain this business model known as a 2 Tier Affiliate System. However, I have to set the context behind this model before more questions pour in. 

There is 2 known type of affiliate programs. One is a Referral Program and one is an Affiliate Program. The actual umbrella term is known as Network Marketing (Commonly known as MLM).  Referral (Avg. 30% Commission or Less) is usually motivated by heart while Affiliate(Avg. 50%-100%) is usually motivated by monetary gains and rewards.

Before you go (in case you were turned off), people are not usually equipped with the certain marketing knowledge and usually are motivated by monetary reward thus that was how MLM got its 'bad light' because of hard sell etc. 

But ok, what is the real difference? What are you trying to do? 

2 Tier Affiliate Program, as the name suggests, is up to 2 levels. 

We are trying to offer you the opportunity to build your business through the use of software but if you know of someone who could benefit out of this, we want to reward you more then the market practice and motivate both parties to stay committed to help one another. 

Unlike SaaS Platform which many claims to be the best platform to solve XYZ problem so you can earn more money selling XYZ.

We, not only want to help you support you to sell XYZ but to also to provide an opportunity to cover the subscription cost because the only support any platform can give is just the platform, customer support, youtube videos and that's about it. We want to give you an opportunity, an additional vehicle to actually help entrepreneurs not lose money before they start selling their first product.

For every friend you refer(let call him friend A), you get 50% cashback on the first month, and 30% recurring amount of the package you choose.

If friend A refer a friend (let's call her friend B), not only will she get the same cashback, but as a bonus, you get the 30% as well from friend B second month onwards. Did I forget to mention recurring too!

In other words, you are only paying 40% of the actual base price. But wait! Aren't I still paying? 

Well, not unless you got 2 friends who can invite 1 friend each... think about it.

Who is this for? 

  • If you want to build your online presence - Mobile App / Website
  • If you know of someone who needs help building their online presence 
  • If you want to start a Digital Agency Company

Who is this not for?

  • If you are not looking or believe in passive income
  • You do not need a new website or online platform 

Oh, I get it, how do I get started? What is the investment? 

GoodBarber currently retails for €115/month = approx $130USD/month = approx $180SGD/month for its iOS premium plan.

But because you are here, we would be, for a limited time only offer you a website promo here (Quoted in SGD) 

First of all, we want to give you the necessary support to guide you on your business. 

Thus we have a launch as 12 part series module on the step by step here too. You can learn more here.


Extra Bonus (For APP Subscribers only)

For every month you stayed subscribed. We want to recognise your effort in investing in your self, thus for a limited time only, we would like to give you a gift that you can keep forever. No questions asked. No extra fees either. 

We want to give you a Sales Funnels Tool and a Webinar Tool, one each within the first 2 months. 

Cool or Cool?